This is what Twitter Facebook and Google are hiding from you

Big Tech is in the tank for Biden, Democrats:

Miranda Devine- New York Post Opinion 10/14

In case there was any doubt that Facebook and Twitter are corruptly partisan, the social media giants censored The Post’s story Wednesday on Hunter Biden’s emails suggesting he took cash for access to his ­father, Joe Biden.

The bombshell exclusive was trending all Wednesday morning on social media platforms until Big Tech stepped in to run protection for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Facebook announced it would censor the story by “reducing its distribution on our platform.”

Twitter also intervened to protect Biden from the scandal yesterday by blocking The Post’s Twitter account, @nypost, claiming the story violates its rules against “distribution of hacked material.”

Links to the story were tagged by Twitter with a warning message: “This link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful.”

Twitter later attached a new warning to the story: “The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe.”

But the only “potentially harmful” or “unsafe” impact of The Post story is on the Biden campaign — and, now, on the credibility of Face­book and Twitter.

Did Facebook and Twitter impose the same censorship on the New York Times story on President Trump’s leaked — or “hacked” — tax returns two weeks ago?

Did they ever fact-check the Times’ and the Washington Post’s debunked “Russia collusion” tall tales?

Did they interfere with BuzzFeed spreading the Steele Dossier tissue of lies?


Big Tech only suppresses information that reflects badly on the Biden campaign

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