Sheriff Jack Campbell- Reaction to the passing of HB3653, Criminal Justice Reform

By now you have heard of the devastating legislation passed in the middle of the night, that will negatively impact your safety. Law Enforcement agencies, many legislators and partners across the state, fought this legislation. Unfortunately, many uninformed legislators, after changing the bill number to cause confusion, adding more eviscerating language and leaving no time for review, rushed it to a vote. The sponsors were unable to answer simple questions about their own bill during testimony.

My message to our citizens is no matter how this plays out, whether Governor Pritzker signs this bill or not, the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office will always be here for you. We have our frustrations with this, but we will be there for you, every shift, every day and night. Our courageous Correctional Officers, Court Security Officers, Civilians and Deputies, will do our jobs. We will provide the blanket of security we always have. We will maintain our professionalism as we fight back the tears and anger, recognizing there are legislators that do not care about your and our safety.

Thank you for the thousands of well wishes, social media posts and messages you have conveyed in support of us. They help during these difficult times. We will never forget your support.