Senator McClure's 2020 Survey

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In early May, Governor Pritzker put forth his Restore Illinois plan to reopen Illinois. Many lawmakers, including Senator McClure, have made repeated calls upon Democratic leaders in the Senate and the House to hold public hearings on the Governor's plan. Do you believe public hearings should have been held to allow input and discussion on the reopening plan for the State of Illinois? 

Illinois law gives the Governor wide-ranging executive powers when he has declared that there is an emergency in all or part of the state. These emergency powers are available for 30 days. However, the law is unclear on whether a new disaster declaration restarts the 30-day clock, or if after 30 days the Governor must involve the legislature. The Governor has issued successive disaster declarations in order to extend the time period in which he can use the extraordinary emergency powers. Should Illinois law be modified to clearly limit the emergency powers of the Governor to strictly one 30-day period? 

This past spring, the Democratic majority approved a measure that expands the current vote-by-mail program in Illinois for this election cycle, despite concerns about specific elements of the bill that do not provide enough security to prevent election fraud. Do you support expanding the current vote-by-mail program in Illinois? 

The new vote-by-mail expansion includes voters who cast ballots in 2018, but not those who voted in 2016. Should the expansion include individuals who voted in previous elections? 

On May 24, the Democratic majority voted to pass a budget that relies on billions in federal borrowing. However, this funding is not guaranteed. Do you believe lawmakers should support a budget that relies on unsubstantiated borrowing? 

How do you feel lawmakers should have approached the recently passed budget?

At the end of May, for the second year in a row, Illinois Democrats passed a partisan budget that gives pay raises to state legislators. Do you believe the Democrat majority should have taken action to remove language allowing for a cost-of-living increase for state lawmakers before they passed a budget implementation bill? 

Several bills have been filed to freeze property taxes for homeowners, while still allowing citizens to raise taxes if needed through referendum. Do you support such a property tax freeze? 

Should schools be open for in-person classes? 

Do you support term limits on your state legislators? 

Should the Illinois Constitution be amended to take the process of drawing legislative district maps out of the hands of lawmakers to make the state's process independent and nonpartisan?