As the September 24th release of Vote by Mail ballots for the General Election approaches, Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray announced plans for two Vote by Mail ballot drop boxes and a tracking system for Sangamon County voters. Secured and video monitored ballot return drop boxes will be installed at the Sangamon County Complex and the Sangamon County Regional Office of Education/Juvenile Center. In addition, voters who vote by mail will have access to personalized Vote by Mail ballot tracking information through the County Clerk’s website.

“The Postal Service has recommended earlier mail ballot return deadlines than current Illinois election law. In response to these delivery conflicts, coupled with the extraordinary increase in requests to Vote by Mail, Sangamon County voters deserve additional secure, accountable and transparent options to successfully return their ballot,” said Clerk Gray. “By installing these secured ballot return drop boxes, Sangamon County voters can have confidence that their mail ballot will be returned securely and on-time.”

The Postal Service has advised voters to not request a ballot any later than October 19th and recommended returning it to the Sangamon County Election Office no later than October 27th.

The security of ballots, transparency and accountability of those voting by mail has guided the approval of the vote by mail ballot return boxes in Sangamon County. Vote Armor is an experienced industry leader of high quality ballot drop boxes. Their ballot drop boxes are designed to be both water and tamper proof and will be bolted to the ground. The drop boxes are currently being manufactured and are expected to arrive the week of the 14th.

“To further increase security and transparency, the Election Office will be installing high resolution, 24-hour video monitoring cameras to deter criminal destruction of property or attempts to defraud the vote by mail system.” said Gray.

A Vote by Mail ballot tracking system has also been activated on the County Clerk’s website ( as another resource of transparency and accountability for Sangamon County voters. Registered voters who have requested a ballot by mail can follow the status of their vote by mail application and ballot by providing a few pieces of identifying information.

For additional information concerning vote by mail procedures, voter registration or other opportunities to cast ballots for the November 3rd General Election, The office can be reached by calling (217) 753-8683 or visiting the Clerk’s website at