Sangamon County Water Reclamation District's Executive Director Sets the Record Straight.

The Executive Director of the Sangamon County Water Reclamation District, Gregg Humphrey sent the following letter to Mayor Jim Langfelder after comments at this week's City Council meeting appeared to blame the district for increases in City Water Light and Power customers’ bills.

Re: Comments from the August 5, 2020 City Council Meeting Sanitary District Rates

Dear Mayor Langfelder:

I was surprised and taken back when informed that you made comments indicating you were receiving complaints from constituents regarding their CWLP bills increasing. You stated the bills they were receiving had increased $30 to $70 per month and that it was due to the Sanitary District. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our rate increase went into effect on May 1 of this year, the start of our fiscal year. The flat fee (or meter fee) increased $0.21 per month and the fee per unit of water increased $0.33 per unit (a unit being 100 Ccf or 748 gallons). A typical user of 4 units (3,000 gallons) would see a total monthly increase of their Sanitary District charges of $1.53, while an 8-unit bill (6000 gallons) would see a total increase of $2.85 per month. Possibly the source of the large increases was from increased electricity use due to the excessive heat the past month.

Another incorrect statement was that Doug Brown of CWLP had told an alderman that the increases were due to the Sanitary District, and not the City. Apparently, no one checked to see that your ordinance 51.10 contains the following:

“Effective July 1, 2013, and on the same date of each year thereafter until July 1, 2022, the rates specified in this section as CC1, CC2 and SC shall increase by 5% per year.”

This sort of misinformation and off-hand comments are not conducive to a positive working relationship between our organizations.

The final thing I take difference to is your assertion that city residents have no representation on our Board. Currently, all five trustees are city residents. One of the main reasons that Sanitary Districts were established by the legislature is so they would have autonomy from the election process. Therefor the trustees do not have to worry about their electability when making the hard decisions to fund, operate, and maintain their facilities....

I would hope in the future you would contact our office for information on matters such as this. We know with the future CSO work we will need to coordinate our efforts.