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Rodney Davis- Requested Study of the 1908 Springfield Race Riot Site

U.S. Representative Rodney Davis announced that the FY21 Department of Interior (DOI) appropriations bill includes a provision requiring the Secretary of the Interior to perform a special resource study to designate the 1908 Springfield Race Riot Site as a unit of the National Park System (NPS).

“The 1908 Springfield Race Riot Site is an important part of our nation’s history that must be recognized and preserved,” said Rep. Davis. “The inclusion of a special resource study in the Department of Interior’s appropriations bill is a critical step in the years-long process to designate the Site as part of our country’s National Park System. I look forward to continuing and completing this process so current and future generations of Americans never forget about the innocent lives that were lost.”

This past March, Rep. Davis wrote a letter to Congressional leaders requesting funding to authorize DOI to perform any relevant studies needed to designate the Springfield Race Riot Site as part of the NPS. You can find a copy of the letter here.

Rep. Davis has been an advocate to designate the Springfield Race Riot Site as a National Historic Monument. In January of 2019, Davis introduced legislation to make the historic designation. Last year, Davis testified before Congress on the issue as well.

Upon completion of the special resource study, the Secretary of the Interior makes a recommendation to the relevant committees in the U.S. House and Senate as to what designation a site should receive.

The provision requiring the special resource study can be found on page 161 of the DOI appropriations bills.

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