RNC leader McDaniel calls Pritzker out on his 'big lie' on redistricting

"RNC Chairwoman McDaniel has taken notice of Pritzker’s big lie on redistricting,” the Illinois Republican Party posted on Facebook.

While still a candidate, Pritzker vowed to veto any map drawn by lawmakers along partisan lines. More recently and now as governor, he signed into law a bill critics contend is designed to solidify liberal control and keep Democrats in control of the state.

“It’s bad enough that Pritzker is shamelessly breaking a clear-cut promise to the people who elected him,” McDaniel wrote in a Chicago Tribune op-ed.

McDaniel and others contend the basis of the governor’s decision stems from questionable preliminary data that’s likely inaccurate, given final Census Bureau data won’t be available until later in the fall due to COVID-related delays.

“Instead of waiting out that delay in order to redraw districts based on solid data, Pritzker and Illinois Democrats opted to use population estimates from something called the American Community Survey,” she said. “There is virtually no chance that these numbers will be as accurate as the intensive, house-by-house census results expected later this year. Not only is Pritzker breaking a promise to his constituents for partisan gain, but he’s doing so with shoddy numbers, creating doubt that Illinoisans will be accurately represented.

McDaniel deduces everything done by Democrats in the name of redistricting has been done with the idea of keeping them in power. She said she’s not surprised they feel the need for such drastic measures.

"This fits a disappointing trend from Democrats nationwide,” she said. “Democrats understand that their party’s rapid, jaw-dropping rush to the far left has left them disconnected from the average American voter. Defunding the police, taxpayer-funded abortion, open anti-Semitism from certain House members — these are squarely outside of the American mainstream.”