Rep. Murphy Statement on Resignation of Legislative Inspector General

“I would like to thank Carol Pope for serving as the Legislative Inspector General for these past 31 months. I was honored to work with her this past session to introduce HB 2575. This legislation would have expanded the authorities of the Legislative Inspector General to give her the ability to adequately address the challenges that the General Assembly faces with ethics at a time when it is so badly needed. Unfortunately, the majority party did not allow this bill to be called for a vote.

I applaud the work that Carol Pope has done and admire her willingness to speak out strongly on the urgent need for real ethics reform in the state of Illinois. For far too long we have failed to address the ethical misconduct of lawmakers in the General Assembly. After the recent scandals of the past few years, 2021 should have been a time to put politics aside and pass real ethics reform that the people of Illinois could be proud of. The legislation that ultimately passed did not go far enough in addressing the ethical issues at the Capitol. Speaker Welch talked about a new day in Illinois, but it is clear that they are using the same playbook from the past. I’m grateful for the work that Carol Pope has done as Legislative Inspector General and I wish her well in her future endeavors.”