Rep. Murphy Sponsors Resolution to Remove Madigan, Calls for Special Session

State Representative Mike Murphy is sponsoring a resolution filed today by House Minority Leader Jim Durkin that will remove longtime House Speaker Michael Madigan from office.

“The federal charges outlined in the ComEd prosecution agreement show a disturbing bribery scheme set up to benefit Speaker Madigan,” said Murphy. “The Speaker can no longer brush aside the facts as he has been allowed to do in the past. If he refuses to resign, then the Governor needs to use his authority to call a special session so the House can take action to remove Speaker Madigan and finally take up the corruption reform legislation that Madigan has repeatedly managed to sideline.”

If Speaker Madigan does not resign on his own (as a growing bipartisan chorus of elected officials have been calling for him to do), House Resolution 885 expresses no confidence in Madigan and would remove him from the position of Speaker.

In addition to calling for Madigan to resign, Murphy and House Republicans have been calling on Governor Pritzker to call a special session for corruption reform. Republicans filed a package of legislation last year to address the state’s ethical problems, but Madigan has used his authority as Speaker to bottle up the reform measures in the House Rules Committee, which he controls.

To keep up the pressure for reform, residents are encouraged to sign the “End the Silence” petition for a special session, Click here to sign.