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Rep. Murphy Calls on Members to Do Their Jobs Following House Rules Change

State Representative Mike Murphy (R-Springfield) issued the following statement in response to House Democrats changing House Rules to allow remote voting:

“After House Democrats passed a budget of several thousand pages in less than 24 hours with final changes brought to the House floor mere minutes before the vote, unsurprisingly it contained numerous errors that required more legislative action to fix it,” said Murphy. “However, 71 Democrats weren’t willing to come back to Springfield to fix their mistakes and do the work they were elected to do in the first place. Speaker Welch’s answer – let’s change the House Rules to allow remote voting.

“I take my responsibility seriously and travel so I am in person when important decisions for the people of this state must be considered. That’s why I’ve traveled to Chicago numerous times for committee hearings, like last week for the task force on statues and monuments. At that task force meeting, pushed by Democrats, only the Democratic Chairwoman even attended in person, but every Republican member made the effort to be there in person.

“If members are too busy to attend legislative session in-person for critically important votes, then maybe they don’t have the best interests of their constituents and the people of this state in mind. Perhaps, if House Democrats truly cared about transparency and representing their constituents, we’d have had a proper vetting period of at least several days on their pork-filled budget and arbitrary last-minute changes to the House Rules wouldn’t be needed.”