PODCAST: The Roadblock to Illinois’ Ethics Reform

State Representatives Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) and Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) recorded a podcast discussing the urgent need for ethics reform in Illinois–and how it is intricately tied to all other issues facing our state.

Below is an excerpt from Rep. Batinick:

“To elect the Speaker and to go through the same old same old, it’s not going to bode well,” said Batinick. “We can’t wait any longer to fix the State of Illinois. I hoped for an actual investigation on the Speaker, but in this circumstance, investigation was a loose word. I didn’t expect House Democrats to go this far to cover up the Speaker.”

“If the politicians aren’t going to clean things up in Springfield, let’s give the people the tools to do it for them,” continued Batinick, who is in the process of filing legislation to do just that. “What my legislation does, it allows for a recall for every elected official–including the Speaker– led by the citizens. If the House Democrats aren’t going to do it, I want to give the people the power to do it themselves.”