Joe Biden Said It: He ‘Should Not Remain As President’

“220,000 Americans dead. You hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this. Anyone who … is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”

That was Joe Biden at his last debate on Oct. 22, 2020, with then-President Donald Trump.

At that debate, Biden went on to proclaim that the only reason all those people died was that Trump had failed to do things such as test people and issue mask mandates.

“What I would do,” he said, “is make sure we have everyone encouraged to wear a mask all the time. I would make sure we move into the direction of rapid testing, investing in rapid testing. I would make sure that we set up national standards as to how to open up schools and open up businesses so they can be safe and give them the wherewithal, the financial resources to be able to do that.”

Then he declared:

“And so, folks, I will take care of this. I will end this.”

If you hear nothing else Biden said that night, hear this: “I will end this.” That promise, more than anything else, got Biden into the White House. Fast forward to today. Biden has been in office nearly 10 months, and how has he done at “ending this”?

Over those months, more than 21 million people have contracted COVID-19. More than 332,000 of them died from the disease. Recently Biden’s own (fully vaxxed) press secretary tested positive for COVID, as did an aide who’d been traveling abroad with the president. What’s more, after declining over the past two months, COVID cases look poised for another spike in the winter.

All of these COVID cases and deaths happened even though Biden had put his entire “plan” into action. He got nearly $2 trillion in COVID-fighting funds approved in March. Mask use has been widespread. A record number of people are getting tested under Biden — more than 333.3 million since he took office. Plus, Biden had three vaccines available to him, none of which he was counting on when he promised to “end this.”

So it stands to reason that if Biden’s “plan” would have prevented the 220,000 deaths that had happened before the November 2020 election, it should have prevented the 341,000+ who’ve died since he got the keys to the White House. Right?

And if — as Biden kept insisting — Trump was responsible for 220,000 COVID deaths that had occurred by Oct. 22, 2020, doesn’t that make Biden responsible for the 341,000+ who’ve died from COVID on his watch? Doesn’t that also mean that Biden, by his own standard, “should not remain as president”? The other option, of course, is that Biden knew all along that his plan wouldn’t “end this.” He and his advisers almost certainly knew that nothing Trump did or didn’t do would have stopped COVID from spreading in the U.S.

But if Biden did know that, then he was brazenly lying to the public to win the election. So, doesn’t that mean that Biden is either a bald-faced liar or a mass murderer? Either way, again, using his own standards, he has forfeited the right to remain as president, and both he and his equally inept vice president, Kamala Harris, should step down.

That’s going to happen of course. But so long as people insist that Trump was responsible for every COVID death that occurred on his watch, we will insist that Biden heed his own counsel and resign from the presidency.