Taylorville, IL — As an increasingly desperate Betsy Londrigan continues her false attacks against Rodney Davis on the airwaves, an independent fact checker is out with a new fact check that calls Londrigan’s ad “misleading” and “confusing.”

“It’s sad my opponent has to resort to outright lies about my family to win an election. This is right out of the Madigan Machine playbook. Instead of debating issues, she smears my family and every small business owner helped by the bipartisan PPP program. Independent fact checkers have confirmed she’s lying. Voters shouldn’t be surprised because she continues to lie about her connections to Mike Madigan and the money she earns from corporate lobbying.” – Congressman Rodney Davis

From KMOV’s fact check of Londrigan’s false ad:

The ad starts by stating, “Scandals and special favors, Rodney Davis, another Illinois politician out for himself. In the ComEd scandal, Davis took $64,000 from the CEOs, Executives and PAC that admitted bribery to keep rates high”

This claim is a bit confusing.

Davis… has not taken money from ComEd executives.

The ad goes to state, “The PPP loan debacle; Davis’ family got to the front of the line for a million dollar payout.”

…But there is no evidence showing Rep. Rodney Davis had anything to do with his family getting PPP.

And the Davis campaign stated that he “has no financial stake or involvement in his dad and brother’s franchises and was not involved in their PPP loan application through their local bank.”

The claim is misleading because there was no line to get PPP, and to date almost 700,000 businesses received government aid.

The ad also says, “and he (Davis) voted to keep it secret while businesses and families suffered.”

Davis did vote “No” in those measures, which did not pass the U.S House, but the first bill cited in the ad would only have disclosed those business that received more than $2 million in PPP. Davis’ family received less than that.

Watch and read KMOV’s entire fact check here.

Here’s a rundown of the lies in Londrigan’s false TV ad:

Londrigan Lie #1: “Davis took $64,000 from the CEO, executives, and PAC of a company that admitted bribery to keep rates high.”

Fact: This false claim from Betsy Londrigan is entirely made up. Unlike Londrigan, Rodney Davis has not received any contributions from ComEd employees or lobbyists. Not one dime. Zero.

In a deferred prosecution agreement, ComEd admitted to a years-long bribery scheme of Madigan associates to curry favor with him. Londrigan has received campaign contributions from ComEd lobbyists who have represented the utility company at varying times. She returned a contribution from one former ComEd lobbyist and top Madigan associate, Mike McClain, but has declined to return the other contributions.

It’s bizarre and ludicrous for Londrigan to attempt to tie Rodney to the ComEd bribery scandal, which implicates Mike Madigan, her corrupt party leader who is funding her campaign. Madigan has given Londrigan nearly $300,000 and Londrigan has funneled $125,000 to Madigan through their joint fundraising agreement. Londrigan refuses to speak out against Madigan’s corruption or call on him to resign.

Londrigan Lie #2: Rodney Davis’s dad and brother were “first in line” for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan

Fact: There is absolutely no evidence for this. Over 5 million small businesses across the country applied for this program to keep their employees on the payroll, and there’s zero evidence that Rodney’s dad and brother received special treatment or some sort of priority status over other PPP loan recipients.

Londrigan must know that PPP applicants apply for loans with their local bank and lender, not with the federal government, making the claim even more outrageous.

Rodney Davis’ dad and brother, both of whom operate fast food restaurants in central Illinois and employ over 300 people. Rodney has no financial stake or involvement in his dad and brother’s franchises and was not involved in their PPP loan application through their local bank.

Londrigan Lie #3: Rodney Davis voted to keep his dad and brother’s PPP loan “secret”

Londrigan’s campaign ad cites two votes, H.R. 6782 and H. Res. 938, regarding this false claim.

Fact: H.R. 6782 –which failed to pass under the Democratic held house — required the disclosure of PPP loan recipients who received more than $2 million, which is more than the amount received by Rodney’s dad and brother. H.R. 6782 did not pass the U.S. House, but even if it did and was signed into law, it would not have required the disclosure of the PPP loan received by Rodney’s dad and brother because it was below the loan amount that would’ve triggered transparency provisions.

H. Res. 938 was a partisan procedural vote and did nothing to guarantee that PPP loan recipients and loan data would be made public. It created a Congressional subcommittee to investigate the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, but similar oversight measures were already enacted under the CARES Act.

Regardless of the votes on H.R. 6782 or H. Res. 938, information on PPP loan recipients who received more than $150,000 is publicly available information. Rodney supported oversight measures for PPP loans, which were included in the bipartisan CARES Act. The CARES Act created a new inspector general position, a Congressional Oversight Commission, and a Pandemic Response Accountability Committee to promote transparency and provide oversight of programs in the legislation.