Democrats Will Ruin the Climate

Despite the fact that we are passing the 18th month of a global Covid-19 pandemic that has killed 4.3 million people and crushed national economies, the United Nations has decided that what the world needs right now, this ‘This is more bad news, as The New York Times sums it up: “The new report leaves no doubt that humans are responsible for global warming, concluding that nearly all of the increase in global average temperatures since the 19th century has been brought about by nations burning fossil fuels, clearing forests and loading the atmosphere with heat-trapping greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Additionally, the report says the climate destruction will get worse no matter what we do.I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be alive at the end of the world.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change even includes an interactive atlas showing that the ruin of global warming will be everywhere, meaning there is nowhere to hide. Now what?

My short answer: don’t put Democrats in charge of Noah’s Ark. It will sink.

If only for the sake of discussion, let’s state that the UN climate report may be right that warming is a problem. One can still ask a practical political question: Instead of alleviating the global climate challenge, what evidence is there that these progressive advocates – Democratic politicians or affiliated scientists – would do anything but make it worse if we put them in charge? solutions ?

The currently observable reality is that the progressives, who have now captured the Democratic Party at all levels of government, no longer seem capable of managing anything – neither cities, nor Covid, nor a national border. Why would letting them run climate policy be any different?