Biden Has Lost Support Across All Groups Of Americans — But Especially Independents And Hispanics

Over his first nine months in office, President Biden has lost support among Americans of all stripes — men and women, Black voters and white voters, Zoomers and Baby Boomers. Even Democrats writ large are more disenchanted. But two groups with whom Biden has lost support stand out: independents and Hispanics. Independents have soured on Biden to the extent that his approval ratings among this group approach the strongly negative ratings they gave then-President Donald Trump at the same point in his presidency, while increased disapproval of Biden among Hispanics could signal they are moving further away from Democrats after they shifted somewhat toward Trump and the GOP last November.

Of course, it’s not that unusual for a president’s approval rating to drop over the course of the first nine months in office. A president’s “honeymoon period” has usually ended by then, as opposition to the president’s agenda coalesces and the new administration’s actions spark criticism. As the chart below shows, most recent presidents have seen their approval ratings fall after their first

For instance, Biden, Trump and Barack Obama all experienced clear descents during their first nine months in office, albeit from different starting points: Biden has fallen from the mid-50s to the mid-40s, Obama fell from the mid-to-high 60s to the low 50s, and Trump fell from the mid-40s to the high 30s. But former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush didn’t really follow this pattern. Clinton’s approval rating did decline a few months into his presidency, but in a possible sign of hope for Biden, Clinton’s approval rating ticked back up after hitting the summer doldrums. Meanwhile, in 2001, Bush’s approval rating didn’t change much until it skyrocketed following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a textbook example of the “rally-around-the-flag effect.”

But our hyperpolarized political environment could make it challenging for Biden to regain the support he’s lost since taking office. In fact, while Biden’s approval rating has seemingly stabilized in the mid-to-low 40s, there’s also no indication that his approval rating is about to bounce back. And part of that comes down to Biden’s rough numbers among independents and Hispanics, in addition to his standing on important issues like COVID-19 and the economy.

Perhaps the most obvious place where Biden has lost support is among independents. Across the polls we collected that measured support by party ID, Biden’s approval has dropped from 50 percent among independents in the late spring and early summer, to below 35 percent now, as the chart below details. His slides among Democrats and Republicans haven’t been nearly as sizable.

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